Christina's Projects

Full Stack Text to ASL Video Translator Web App

In the Fall of 2022, my friends and I competed in our University's annual hackathon and won third place! Within 24 hours, we brainstormed and developed a web application that takes in a user-inputted string and returns concatenated videos of the American Sign Language translation of the string.

In observing trends of our generation's social media usage, we noticed that content creators have become increasingly conscious of viewers who have hearing impairments; This has resulted in more video content having closed captions. We believe there will be a growing demand to learn ASL, which is why we developed this tool which could aid in one's study.

Android App Login Application Utilizing AWS

As a personal project, I built a simple login system android application with Amazon Web Services to expand my understanding of full stack development, as well as get experience with AWS. Here's the stack:

  • Frontend: Java and XML
  • Middleware: AWS API Gateway
  • Backend: AWS Lambda functions in Python

Additionally, I used Boto3 in my login application to securely authenticate and manage user identities by integrating it with the AWS Cognito User Pool for user registration and sign-in functionality. Check out the video demo below to see the thoroughness of this login system :)

3-D Orientation Detection Android App

I created an Android app using Android Studio that taps into Sensor Manager data to calculate the device's yaw, pitch, and roll. To get precise results, I researched the noisiness of different sensor data. To manage noisiness of the combined sensor data, I decided to use a simplified version of the Kalman Filter for my calculations. The app's accuracy was rigorously tested using the Android Studio emulator, where I manipulated the device's pose.

This tool holds significant potential, as its continued development could enable its utilization in measuring the positioning of critical research subjects. For instance, in a study involving prosthetic limbs, researchers could affix a device running this application to the joint of the limb to investigate the prosthetic's motion.

Relevant Coursework

  • Data Structures
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Computing
  • Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • Intro to Machine Learning
  • Intro to Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Visions
  • Database Management Systems
  • Principles of Operating Systems
  • Principles of Computer Security
  • Seminar in Active Cyberdefense